UK: Major move in pig marketing

13-06-2008 | |

As a result of the significant consolidation within the British pig industry and the ever increasing concentration into fewer hands at both processor and producer level, BOCM PAULS has carried out a major review of its pig marketing activities.

“Following this review we have concluded that critical mass has become an increasingly important issue and that a partnership or consolidation with a similar minded business would provide the best long term opportunity for us to address this issue and to best satisfy producers’ needs,” says Director Jonathan Farnhill.

“Our subsidiary, Porcofram Marketing, has been at the forefront of pig marketing in the UK for several years and following a positive proposal from Thames Valley Cambac (TVC) – the leading independent farmer-owned pig marketing co-operative – the decision has been taken to sell the marketing business to them, thus creating a marketing group handling over 20% of available British pigs,” he said.

Charles Allen, Chairman, Thames Valley Cambac, comments that:  “this merger with Porcofram Marketing will bring a much needed boost to an industry that has been through seriously difficult times.  The increased critical mass in a marketing sector that is reducing in size will enable the group to build on its relationships with processor customers for the benefit of its producer members”. 

General Manager Andrew Stockings comments:  “TVC  was established thirty-three years ago by forward thinking pig producers and provides a first-class service to its producer and processor customers.  The company has a track record of which to be proud.  The pig industry is in continual change and this acquisition will give the marketing sector a renewed impetus to overcome the lows of recent times”.

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