UK feed company makes £2 million investment

22-06-2009 | |

SCA NuTec has completed a £2 million development in a new blending facility for the animal feed industry at its Dalton site, Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

The investment includes a dedicated tote production plant for specialist high value products for the pet and equine sectors and a new dry powder blending plant that will produce premixes and minerals for inclusion in pig and ruminant diets.

The tote facility is housed in a newly built room within the plant and is equipped with technology that ensures zero cross contamination risk. All raw materials are bar coded and checked throughout the manufacturing process using state-of-the-art traceability and tracking features.

The dry powder blending plant produces premixes, meals and minerals to supply directly to farm for home mix, to merchants, wholesalers, distributors and feed compounders. Quality control is assured and cross contamination minimised through automated process control, bar coded raw materials and batch traceability.

“We now have a highly efficient and up-to-date plant that goes beyond the required legislative requirements and offers high quality assurance to our customers,” says SCA NuTec managing director Mark Cole.

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