UK: AI re-branding in pigs improves performance

28-12-2007 | |
UK: AI re-branding in pigs improves performance

Yorkshire-based international pig-breeding company ACMC has announced the re-branding of the range of sires in its AI service to reflect improvements in the genetic quality and health of the stock.

The sires are all of SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) health status and have, according to the company, high minimum performance standards.

The new brands are Vantage Ultra (replacing the FC – First Choice), the Vantage Extreme (replacing the EC – Extreme Conformation), Vantage Tradition (replacing the LW – Large White) and the Vantage Refine (replacing the MQ – Meat Quality).  The Meidam and Volante damline boars (for the production of parent gilts) retain the same names.

ACMC’s managing director, Matthew Curtis, commented that in view of the high prices of cereals, pig producers need to get value from every tonne of grain purchased through better feed conversion, growth rate and grading. “Our new sire range,” he maintains “will enable farmers to bring about greater improvements”.

“Improving feed conversion rates by 0.1 translates into an improvement in returns of £2 (€2.70) per pig sold or £20,000 (€27,000) for a 500-sow herd selling 20 pigs per sow per year”.

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