UK: ABN joins in efforts to save pig industry

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UK: ABN joins in efforts to save pig industry

The specialist pig and poultry feed company, Associated British Nutrition (ABN), is working closely with British producers and processors, as well as retailers in a major effort to help the embattled pig industry combat rising costs.

In addition to on-going talks with the British Pig Executive (BPEX), ABN is working closely with its customers to help them minimise the impact of the rising feed costs, following the steep increase in world demand for wheat and corn.

ABN managing director Alan Murphy said: “We are explaining raw material issues to retailers, processors and producers and using our expertise to help customers develop strategies to reduce feed costs.

“It’s also about how the feed you buy can add value to the final product. Thinking like this can often mean the difference between success and failure.”

He was speaking as the British pig industry was gearing up for a massive campaign to increase the price for pigs, which will culminate in a national rally of pig producers in London today.

BPEX chief executive Mick Sloyan confirmed that the pig-producer organisation and ABN were “working together in various areas to tackle the current crisis facing the industry.”

ABN customer services manager Stephen Newland explained: “We are tailoring our services to provide individual customers – large and small – with exactly what they need as well as working with BPEX.”

Newland added: “We are also providing producers with detailed information about the market so they are far better informed about when it’s best to buy, as well as how to modify their feed regimes to ensure they are getting the most cost-effective rations for their pigs.”

He pointed out that ABN, which is partnering the British Pig & Poultry Fair at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, on May 13 and 14, was also linking up the supply chain and encouraging pig producers to use other parts of the business, such as Allied Livestock Marketing (ALM) to help maximise their returns.

In addition the company was working hard to reduce its own costs to help it cut the costs of its specialised feed products for farmers.

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