Uganda pork health below standards

19-10-2006 | |

Hygiene standards in Uganda pork industry remain below required levels, national health officials have found out.

Officials of the Ugandan ministry of agriculture have been checking pork venues, called pork joints, in the country for the last months.
Recently a study by Makerere University Food and Nutrition Department revealed that half cooked pork and roast meat posed a danger to the public – especially those prepared on the road side.
Research showed that pork tapeworm cysts in the brain can cause wide-ranging problems including fits and epilepsy.
In May the officials told pork joint owners to enhance hygiene in their areas. Despite check ups, the the owners have not complied with the set standards.
Closing down
A government health team this week closed five popular pork joints in the country’s capital of Kampala and arrested 14 owners.
Altogether, there should be over 300 of these pork joints in the whole of Kampala.
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Photo: Online Focus Live