Ufac-UK appoints Philippine distributor

17-01-2012 | |

Ufac-UK has appointed First Fil-Bio I/E Corporation, as their sole distributor in the Philippines.

First Fil-Bio, based in Bulacan Province, near Manila, distributes veterinary and feed supplements throughout the islands. Under the recently signed exclusive agreement with the company’s president, Henry Ibasco, Ufac-UK will be supplying protein and energy supplements for use in diets by the country’s rapidly-growing pig and poultry industries.  Ufac-UK will also be providing support at field level as well as nutritional expertise, through regular visits by its UK-based technical staff.
The supplements, Megajule and Seapak, will be used to balance locally produced raw materials, particularly by-products from coconuts, maize and rice, for the production of top-quality, highly digestible diets.
“Our products have been used in the Philippines for over two years, with excellent results and we are now looking for substantial growth,” commented Robert Jones, Ufac-UK’s managing director.
He points out that, with an expanding population of 93 million people, there is an increasing demand for home-produced animal protein which the domestic pig and poultry industries are well-placed to supply.

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