Tyson Foods not in talks with Chinese

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Tyson Foods Inc, US meat producer, is not in talks to sell pork to China. CEO, Richard Bond, confirmed this in an interview yesterday with Reuters Newsagency.

This statement is in contrary to reports which followed after a company conference call on Monday last, (see article on pigprogress.net/news) in which Bond stated that China is potentially an export land for Tyson’s pork but he went on further to state that the economics involved did not make it feasible for Tyson

A key reason for Tyson not exploring the Chinese market is the fact that China insists that pork cannot originate from pigs that have been given ractopamine. This common feed additive is used widely in the US to increase the lean meat production of the pigs.

“China is not prepared to pay more for ractopamine-free pork to make it worthwhile for Tyson,” said Bond.

Bond confirmed that Tyson has talked to COFCO about pork, China’s largest oils and food importer, but he maintained that a deal is not in sight.

Bond concluded that the Chinese market does represent a “tremendous opportunity”, but that this opportunity will not be explored in the foreseeable future.

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