Two new outbreaks of ASF in Russia

06-01-2012 | |

In Russia, since the beginning of the year , two new outbreaks of ASF have been discovered – one was found at the private farm in the Stavropol region, and another among the wild boars in the Astrakhan region, near the border with Kazakhstan.

According to a Rosselkhoznadzor statement, 32 pigs have died at a farm in the Kochubeevsky district, Stavropol region. Several districts have been quarantined, and all pig farms were transferred to closed operation mode.
In the Kochubeevsky area veterinary services are completely prohibiting  any economic activity in the area of ​​pig production – by doing this Rosselkhoznadzor is providing new and one of the most radical measures to prevent the spread of a dangerous virus. Very soon all swine population in the district will be withdrawn.

Also on 2 January, Rosselkhoznadzor’s official statement confirmed that an ASF virus outbreak has been detected in the wild in the Astrakhan region. According to the expert committee of the Ministry of Agriculture, there are two main factors which contribute to the spread of ASF in Russia –  mishandling of food waste and the spread of the virus among wild boars. 

According to experts, the unfavorable weather conditions hinder the spread of the virus, but with spring coming, the number of outbreaks of ASF will be an all time record.
(By Vladislav Vorotnikov)