Two Hawaii retail chains ban one-week shipment of live pigs

21-09-2011 | |

Two Hawaii-based stores have confirmed that they will no longer purchase pork from pigs shipped live from mainland USA, for slaughter in Hawaii.

The two chains, Foodland Super Market and Times Supermarkets, said they had animal welfare reasons for their change.

Bob Stout, president at Times Supermarkets, said: “Just because something is legal and approved by the appropriate agencies, doesn’t necessarily make it right,” said Stout. “We have an obligation as a retailer to do the right thing while servicing our customers. In this case, we are doing precisely that – changing to a more humane method of procuring pork and, at the same time, providing our customers with what they want.”

A spokeswoman for Foodland confirmed the Honolulu-based company has changed its pork purchasing and is working with Hormel.




The chains’ decision comes at a time of an investigation by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WPSA), that had dived into the transport of pigs from mainland US to Hawaii. According to the animal welfare organisation, during the one-week voyage, “pigs are forced to endure cramped, overcrowded and unsanitary conditions; many suffer stress-related illnesses, horrific injuries and diseases.”

A WPSA spokesperson has been quoted to be ‘proud’ and ‘excited’ that the two chains made their decision.

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