Treading unknown paths with Pig Progress 8

29-09-2014 | |
Treading unknown paths with Pig Progress 8

The eighth issue of Pig Progress takes our readers to places not often visited before: India and Kazakstan.

India may be one of the world’s most populous states, but that doesn’t mean that it plays a big role in global pig production. For various reasons, the country never developed a large tradition of pig consumption. Still, there are several regions where pigs are grown, pork is consumed and in theory there is a lot of potential, as you can read as from page 27.

Kazakhstan does not have a large pork-eating tradition either, but in the north east of the country, the integration RubiKom is making impressive steps. The article on pages 22-24 explains which steps.

One more country deserves a mention – Germany. With EuroTier 2014 coming up in Hanover, it is fair to take a closer look at the pig situation in Europe’s largest pig market – this preview can be found on pages 9-11. And which innovations can be seen? Read all about it on pages 12-14.

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