Tradesmen sell pork dressed up as beef

17-10-2006 | |

Indonesian city officials and police have found wild boar pork that was sold as beef at East Jakarta markets in May and June of this year.

The meat was priced at €2.61 per kg, while the price of beef at the markets ranged between €4 and €4.35.
Cow blood
To prevent consumers from recognising the pork by its odour, the tradesmen had soaked the boar meat in cow’s blood to give it the same odour.
Altogether about 600 kilogrammes of boar was sold as beef at four locations in Indonesia’s capital.
Is was said that the wild boar meat was shipped to Jakarta from Sumatra only to feed animals in a zoo and a wildlife park.
At the markets also beef not slaughtered according to the islamic tradition was found to be sold.
Public concern
Since muslims do not eat pork, the issue raised public concern in the predominant islamic country of Indonesia.
After the controls now the Jakarta administration declared that ten markets in five municipalities were free of the illegal activity.

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