Total number of pigs in North America rises by 1%

29-04-2011 | |

Total numbers of pigs in both the USA and Canada have grown to 75.8 million head, according to the joint US Department of Agriculture (USDA)/ Statistics Canada report, called United States and Canadian Hogs.


This equals a year-on-year rise of 1%, but in comparison to March two years ago, the total pig inventory went down 2%.

The breeding inventory, at 7.1 million sows, was up a little bit in comparison to last year and from last quarter as well. Market pig inventory, at 68.7 million head, had grown by 1% from March 2010 but down 1% from last quarter.

Pig inventory in Canada on April 1, 2011, was 11.8 million head. This was up 1% from April 1, 2010, but down 1% from April 1, two years ago. The breeding inventory, at 1.31 million head, was down slightly from 2010 and last quarter.

Market hog inventory, at 10.5 million head, was up 2% from last year but down 1% from last quarter.

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