Topigs: the easy to manage pig

08-03-2010 | |

Topigs focuses on an easy to manage production. This means Topigs is breeding on self reliant sows, low mortality of sows, piglets and finishers and strong, vital pigs. This makes that Topigs genetics are a perfect match for the pork production of today; enabling efficient production of high quality pork.

The way Topigs breeds pigs can be described as ‘Balanced breeding’. That this way of breeding pays of, is proven by one of the success stories: combining the higher number piglets born per litter with a substantial less piglet mortality.
Reducing piglet mortality is a hot issue. Due to the increase in litter size and the changing circumstances in the swine industry, it is more important than ever to ensure good maternal characteristics and strong and vigorous piglets. TOPIGS has successfully paid attention to these aspects in its breeding policy in various years.

Selection for piglet survival since 2002


By applying this knowledge in the breeding objective of all Topigs dam lines since 2002, the accuracy of selection for survival has increased considerably. Since 2002 the genetic trend for litter loss has been falling, whereas the trend for litter size has continued to increase.


Since 2004, our understanding of the biological backgrounds and the behaviour of the sow that underlie the differences in genetic predisposition for nurturing ability has increased. Genetically good mothers ensure that piglets take up colostrum faster because they are quieter in the nursing pen, lie more often in the feeding position and are more alert in responding to the piglets.


Since 2007, research at Topigs and IPG has also focused on the development of unborn piglets in the uterus, as this affects the performances after birth. For example, if too many embryos are implanted in relation to the capacity of the uterus (uterine crowding) then birth weight, litter uniformity and growth can be negatively affected during the fattening process.
Easy to manage = less labour costs

The selection on vigorous, strong piglets is just one of the example with in the Topigs breeding program thatlead to an easy to manage pork production. Stronger piglets mean less handling of the piglets, so less labour. Other examples for the easy to manage approach are the breeding on strong sows and the breeding on uniformity in the fatting stage.
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