Topigs: South Africa new agreement

21-04-2009 | |

Ede Farming, a multifaceted crop and livestock farming operation in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa, has signed a total depop-repop agreement with Topigs SA.

At present, the Ede piggery consists of 1300 sows with all the pigs on one site. Ede Farming is not currently a gilt client from Topigs SA. Tempo semen from the Topigs SA boar station has been delivered to the Ede farm twice a week. The new piggery will be a multi-site facility with the breeding herd being expanded to 2772 sows. New weaner and grower facilities are also being erected and the work is nearing completion.

The stocking of the new breeding herd will span over two cycles, with Topigs SA personnel inseminating the first 14 weeks of the repop. This means that 66 gilts per week must be available for 42 weeks. It also means that 924 pregnant gilts and 1848 Topigs 40 gilts will be delivered over this 42-week period. This will give Ede personnel enough time to depop and upgrade the breeding site before the first pregnant sows are delivered during the first week of October 2009.

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