Topigs moves into Romania

09-02-2007 | |

Topigs, a Dutch pig breeder, has begun a partnership with Romanian company Genetic Material. This is the first step of Topigs into Romania.   Genetic Material will start this year with production and sale of a Topigs breeding herd. A new farm will be build for 600 sows, which will produce Topigs-40 breeding gilts. Genetic Material will also arrange an AI-facility for the collection and distribution of semen.

Genetic Material is fairly unknown in the pig sector. Up until now the company has been primarily active in production of day-old chicks for broiler farms and premix and concentrates manufacturing. Topigs normally operates in many countries with dealers that sell their breeding material.
“Romania has joined the EU this year, has many inhabitants and the Romanians eat a lot of pork,” said a Topigs spokesman. “Romania has a few large integrated companies and many small piggeries,” he added. “We do business with the large integrators.”
There are relatively more finishers than sows in Romania. This is also the reason for the increase in imports of weaners. In 2005 the Netherlands supplied 90,237 weaners to the country and last year the Dutch export increased to 146,000 head.
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