Topigs introduces new feeding advice for sows

07-10-2011 | |

Topigs introduces a new feeding advice for their sows. Nowadays, highly productive sows have different nutritional needs compared to sows a few years ago. Sow feeding guidelines therefore need to be continuously updated.

With the new feeding advice for lactating sows, sows before insemination and sows during  gestation, farmers now have better tools for achieving maximum production and for realising more of the high genetic potential of the Topigs sow.
After several years of investigation, research and validation the Topigs nutritional team has introduced a new feeding advice specifically for their genetics. Topigs now provides specific feeding advices for its Topigs 20 and Topigs 40 lines, as it had become clear that the two lines had different
nutritional requirements.
In the new feeding advice separate nutritional requirements are given for primiparous and multiparous sows. Sows can therefore be fed more precisely and in line with their needs. Topigs has also developed two separate manuals for the Corn – Soybean and Wheat – Barley orientated markets.
With a production of 1,100,000 crossbred gilts and 7 million doses of semen per year Dutch based Topigs is one of the biggest genetics suppliers in the world. In several countries, Topigs is either the market leader or one of the major suppliers. TOPIGS stands for progress in pigs.
This means research, innovation and genetic improvement are the cornerstones of our company. By continuously improving our products, we enable our clients to achieve maximum results.