Topigs in Brazil: 27.5 piglets/ sow/ year

03-09-2007 | |

Brazilian farms using Topigs 40 sows weaned 27.5 piglets per sow per year in 2006, the Dutch breeding organisation revealed.

This is 0.5 piglets more than in 2005. The litter size was 11.8 piglets live born, the number of pigs weaned 10.9 per litter and the number of litters per mated sow 2.52 per year.

These results are the average of almost 30,000 sows on 20 farms. All farms have a population of 1,000 sows or more.

This high production level shows that the organisation’s sow copes well when performing in a hot climate.

Indicators for that are the high percentage of sows bred within seven days after weaning (93.1%), the high farrowing rate (92.1%) and a sow mortality rate of 4%.

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