Topigs forms US agreement with Zierke

03-02-2009 | |

Topigs International has announced a US distributor agreement with the Zierke Company in Morris, Minnesota to initiate multiplication and distribution of the Topigs 20 sow and other Topigs products in the United States. With this agreement Topigs also acquires the genetic rights to the Zierke purebred Duroc line.

“The swine genetics of Topigs combined with the existing activities of Zierke Company in Minnesota and the Midwest form an excellent opportunity for the future development of our business in the United States,” says Peter van Kemenade, regional director of Topigs International. “With this agreement we expand our ability to bring advanced Topigs genetics and technology to US pork producers and we acquire market knowledge that will facilitate our future growth.”

The agreement allows Zierke Company to use Topigs nucleus breeding stock and technology within its multiplication system for gilt production for clients. The Topigs InGene program will also be used to assist existing Zierke customers with closed herd genetic programs.

Bruce Zierke, owner of Zierke Company, commented “Topigs is a very strong genetic company and we feel this is an excellent opportunity to advance our company and our clients’ performance with the world class genetics and organisation of Topigs.

The agreement compliments an earlier agreement with AI Partners, also in Morris Minnesota, to establish a high-health, PRRS-free boar stud that will house over 100 Topigs terminal and maternal boars. The boar stud will now also house Topigs Duroc boars, in addition to Tempo, Talent and Top Pi terminal sires.

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