Topigs exports Dutch gilts to Japan

25-03-2009 | |
Topigs exports Dutch gilts to Japan

Topigs have exported 355 gilts from the Netherlands to Japan. This is the first time that Topigs breeding material has been sent to Japan. The Topigs 20 gilts of various ages came from Van Beek SPF Varkens in Lelystad.

Quarantine period
After a state quarantine period the gilts will go to their final destination, a group of cooperating pig farmers. This group of independent pig farms produce about one-third of Japanese pigs. In June a second consignment with purebred line animals and terminal boars will be sent from the SPF nucleus breeding farm of Topigs in Canada.

The Japanese group of pig farmers includes the most progressive farms in the country. To hold their own against the international competition, within their own country they have to compete with a large number of exporters to Japan, they sought improved genetics. Topigs was selected due to its professional organisation, high production and the high meat and carcass quality of the fatteners.

High quality pig farming
Henk Janssen, area manager at Topigs for Asia visited the pig farms and slaughterhouses in the Netherlands with several Japanese delegates: “They were clearly impressed by the high quality of pig farming in the Netherlands. Not only by the breeding but also the pig farming and the entire structure strongly appealed to them.” They considered the Dutch pig farming to be of a very high level.” The health status of pig farms in the Netherlands also struck them.

A high health status makes it possible to export from the Netherlands to Japan where the veterinary requirements are very strict.

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