Topigs: 25.7 weaned pigs/sow/year in 2006

11-06-2007 | |

Sows from Dutch pig breeding organisation Topigs weaned on average 25.7 pigs per year in the Netherlands last year.

The company gathered the technical results of 768 farms with in total almost 290,000 sows. The results shows an average of 12.5 live-born piglets per litter. The number of piglets weaned per litter is 10.9.

In 2005 the average weaned per sow was 25.1 piglets. This means the production went up by 0.6 piglet per sow per year.

Top farms
The 10% best farms achieved a production of 28.6 piglets weaned per sow per year in 2006.

In 2005 this was 28.0. In 2006 the average number of live births per litter was 13.2. The number of piglets weaned per litter was 11.7.

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