Tönnies: expansion of boar slaughterings

06-01-2010 | |

German meat producer Tönnies has announced plans to expand the slaughtering and processing of entire male pigs.

At the moment, the German producer slaughters and processes approximately 700 boars from both Dutch and German producers. Additional producers are welcome, Tönnies board member Wilhelm Jäger told Agra Europe.

Two years ago, the meat giant started trial boar slaughtering and processing, in response to ongoing public discussions about piglet castration and the subsequent mandatory use of anaesthetics prior to castration in the Netherlands.

In Germany, certification organisation QS has created an agreement which allows for painkillers after castrating.

In addition, the industry is working on the development of an electronic ‘nose’ for use in a slaughterline to detect boar taint in meat or carcasses. This would eventually completely take away the necessity of castrating, but it is expected that this detection device may not be available until 2011.

Hence, at the moment, Tönnies uses manual boar taint detection.

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