TNI strengthens Feed Additives activities

01-08-2008 | |

All proprietary branded feed additives from Trouw Nutrition International (TNI), a Nutreco company, will be managed by 1 dedicated global expert and sales team grouped in TNI Feed Additives.

Nutreco’s Research & Development organisation supports the mode of action and the detailed application know how of these additives in specified situations.

“This deep application knowledge of animal nutrition throughout Nutreco, benefits our additives business by providing insights and advice on the large potential these additives offer to our customers”, says Tine Snels, general manager of TNI Feed Additives.

Our portfolio is selected based on 3 performance application criteria: managing gut health, stress relief and preserving the quality of feedstuffs.
The TNI Feed Additives selected product brands:

• Selko® – Organic acid blends that are uniquely designed to positively influence the microbial flora in the animal intestinal tract. A second range of Selko solutions are contributing to feed safety by protecting raw materials and animal feed from microbial spoilage.

• TNIbetain – Betaine is a proven osmoregulator used widely in monogastrics and fish. The patented extraction process ensures the production of pure, natural and uniform TNIbetain crystals that gives the product its outstanding free flowing properties.

• Optimin® – Chelated Minerals that allow nutritionists to formulate with great ease specific micronutrients like Zn, Cu, Fe, Mn and Selenium tailored to the animals mineral demand.

• Fibosel® – Exposed yeast ß-glucans boost the animals natural defence system. Fibosel supplementation is especially recommended under challenging conditions like the starter phase, a transfer or transition phase and to support vaccination programs.

• NovaSilTM Plus- Toxin Solutions are effective in reducing the aflatoxin challenge in feeds and feed raw materials.

The TNI Feed Additives Sales and Marketing structure groups the Selko and TNI Feed Ingredients forces. TNI Feed Additives is expanding and building on these teams with new recruitments in 4 continents to support its international growth ambitions.

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