Thailand: Union Frozen Products to become integrated food producer

26-08-2010 | |

In a bid to drive sales to 15 billion baht by 2015, as an integrated food manufacturer, producing the whole gamut of foods from vegetables, frozen foods and seafood products to ready-to-eat products, under its Pranpai brand, is the way to go, says Anurat Khokasai, Union Frozen Products (UFP) chief operating officer, anticipating a growth rate of 10-15% annually.

The UFP goal, he says, is to seek foreign strategic alliances in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia. “We hope to export our products to these three targeted markets by next year or the next three years.
“We are currently exporting to 40 countries and we are confident we can compete in the international arena, where today our major market accounting for half of our sales is the United States, followed by Asia 30% and the EU by 20%.”
(By Joyce Rainat)