Thailand suspends live pig exports

30-06-2011 | |

The Thai Commerce Ministry has suspended exports of live pigs to neighbouring countries in a bid to bring down domestic retail pork prices.

The ban, effective from today, will be temporary and will not cover exports of pork products.
The Ministry imposed the ban after finding that a large number of pigs were being exported to Cambodia and Vietnam, to be sold at  higher prices, as compared with Thailand.
The export suspension, says Acting Commerce  Minister Portiva Nakasai, will require prior approval for the transport of 10 pigs or more to 24 provinces, close to or sharing borders with neighbouring countries, and is expected to bring the down prices of pigs  in two weeks and eventually lower retail pork prices.
Thailand produces about 12 million pigs a year, she says, of which 11 million are consumed locally.
(By Joyce Rainat)