Targeting porcine ileitis in water soluble format

20-11-2009 | |

ECO Animal Health is expanding the effective treatment options for porcine ileitis across Europe with the launch of a new water soluble formulation of the company’s unique macrolide antibiotic, Aivlosin.

The new Aivlosin Soluble Granule presentation lends itself to quick treatments when a disease outbreak occurs and offers the flexibility to treat individual pens – features which are not always possible when using medication via the feed route.©

The proven efficacy of Aivlosin when used to treat two diseases endemic in the UK pig herd – enzootic pneumonia and ileitis (Porcine Proliferative Enteropathy caused by Lawsonia intracellularis) is under-pinned by Aivlosin’s rapid absorption and targeted accumulation at the site of these infections, providing pig producers with improved growth rates and better feed conversion.

Extensive challenge and field trials against Ileitis have shown Aivlosin in-feed treatments to consistently improve clinical disease and performance in the face of serious infection challenges.1,2,3,4

As part of the development programme of the Aivlosin Soluble Granule formulation, dose determination studies evaluated various inclusion rates.5 The findings showed that Aivlosin Soluble Granules given for five days in water at 50 ppm or higher was highly effective in treating the negative clinical and performance effects in pigs challenged with high levels of Lawsonia intracellularis.©

A North American multi-centre study of Aivlosin Soluble Granules, based on the Winkelman ileitis challenge model, showed that at a 50ppm inclusion rate mean clinical scores were significantly reduced in the treated pigs (P<0.0001).6 Overall ileitis mortality was 14.9% in un-treated controls compared with no deaths in the Aivlosin medicated groups (P<0.0001) and lesion scores were significantly reduced (P=0.01). Positive faecal PCR tests for the detection of Lawsonia intracellularis were also significantly reduced in the treated groups relative to controls (P<0.05).6

This finding was supported by data from an Ileitis field study carried out in Denmark where reduction in shedding was detected.5 Furthermore in this field study, non-diseased pigs were prevented from developing clinical signs of ileitis after treatment in water for 5 days.

The reduced shedding of L. intracellularis is an important factor in the control of ileitis in affected herds as it contributes to a reduction in the environmental contamination.

Aivlosin 625mg/g Soluble Granules are available in two convenient pack sizes, 40g for the treatment of 5,000kg liveweight of pigs and 160g for the treatment of 20,000 kg liveweight of pigs.

Licensed for the treatment and prevention of ileitis in pigs at the low dose rate of 5mg/kg for 5 days, Aivlosin Soluble Granules offer both a low dose rate and a short duration of treatment which will help to reduce the total grams of antibiotic usage.©

Aivlosin Soluble Granules are extremely soluble in both soft and hard water and more soluble in cold water as opposed to warm water – so there is no need to heat water when making up the treatment.© Aivlosin can be used via the traditional header tank application or via an automatic dosing type application.

In cases of late stage ileitis, Aivlosin has a very short 1 day meat withdrawal period so farmers can treat and still select pigs for slaughter each week.

In summary, ECO Animal Health’s Aivlosin Soluble Granules offer a practical solution for the treatment and prevention of Ileitis in pigs.

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