Taiwanese pig imports expected to grow 9%

13-10-2006 | |

Taiwanese pork imports are forecast to grow 9% in 2007 to 36,000 million tonnes carcass weight equivalent (CWE).

These figures appeared recently in the yearly review on Taiwan by the USDA’s Foreign Agriculture Service.
This year, pork imports are estimated at 33,000 million tonnes CWE. The USA continues to be the country’s leading pork supplier.

Pig numbers

Taiwanese pig supply is forecast at 9.55 million head in 2007, down 2% from the 9.75 million estimate for 2006. The decline in pig numbers appeared in a recent inventory survey taken in May 2006, showing a decline in all categories of breeding stocks.
According to the report, Taiwanese small-scale growers are gradually disappearing. As the country is densely populated with people and pigs, the very high pig waste-water treatment cost makes small farms uncompetitive and also creates a threshold for new comers.
Over 90% of pig producers are said to be planning to maintain the current herd size.

Pork consumption

The vast majority of pork meat consumed in Taiwan is produced domestically, with imports being used mainly for processing or to supplement occasional shortfalls.
Pigs are Taiwan’s most valuable farm crop, according to the review. In 2005, pig production, valued at US $1.8 billion, accounted for 15.38% of Taiwan’s total farm production. Nevertheless, in 2006, surging imports of chicken meat continue to substitute pork intake.
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