Taiwanese industry promotes pork

27-03-2007 | |
Taiwanese industry promotes pork

The National Animal Industry Foundation of Taiwan has kicked off a series of events to promote pork consumption.

The first event was held last Sunday in Kaohsiung County – here, the people were invited to sample pork delicacies.

Promotional events
Altogether, the foundation has organised 10 promotional events to be staged around the country, the first of which was held in the southern county. Several central and local government officials participated.

During the event, the foundation chairman Huang Chin-rong and a Council of Agriculture official, Lee Chin-chun, called on consumers to purchase pork products carrying the CAS label at meats products markets.

Prepare recipes
About 1,000 people, divided into 30 teams, joined forces to prepare a wide range of pork recipes, including baked sausages and meats, salted pork, smoked bacon and roasted suckling pig.

At present, the annual average pig trading price is between New Taiwan $4,300-$4,500 (€98-102) per 100 kilogrammes.

This is lower than last year’s $5,000 (€114), and lower than the cost of production, which is $4,800-5,000 per 100 kilogrammes (also about €114).

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