Taiwan: DEEDI scientist tackles pig disease

28-12-2009 | |

An agricultural scientist from Australia’s Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) is to take part in trials in Taiwan to tackle the debilitating Glässer’s disease in pigs.

Glässer’s disease, is caused by the bacterium Haemophilus parasuis, which attacked the pig’s joints, lungs, heart and brain. The disease is also a major problem in Taiwan and the research could have major ramifications for other Asian countries and around the world.©

Dr Conny Turni who received funding under the International Science Linkages – Science Academies Program, said her visit to Taiwan would enable her to conduct field trials at piggeries that had never been exposed to the bacteria, and if successful, could lead to a quicker and more cost effective way of producing vaccines against Glässer’s disease.©

“These vaccines have the potential to immunise piglets against strains of the bacteria, which will hopefully save the pig industry millions of dollars. These trials could ensure that vaccines could be commercially available at a much quicker rate, to control the various strains of the bacteria that cause the disease,” Dr Turni said.