Taiwan: COA killing piglets to boost pig prices

12-11-2007 | |

In an effort to prevent further drops in pig prices, the Taiwanese Cabinet-level Council of Agriculture (COA) authorised the killing on Friday of 900 piglets in the Shanhua Township of Tainan County in southern Taiwan.

Pig farmers have suffered losses of NT$1,000 (US$31) per pig resulting from on the one hand, rising production costs and on the other, decreasing selling prices.

Joined forces
The COA and the ROC Swine Association have joined forces to kill up to 60,000 piglets to prevent domestic pig prices from further falling and to adjust the medium- to long-term pig supply for after the next Chinese New Year, according to Huang Ing-haur, director of the Animal Industry Department under the COA.

In addition, the number of pigs slaughtered on a daily basis at the island’s 21 slaughter houses is carefully being controlled by the COA who is also purchasing the excessive supply of pigs to be later slaughtered and frozen.

Chairman of the ROC Swine Association, Chiang Jui-hsing, highlighted the severity of the situation by stating that the current pig selling price has fallen to a low of NT$47 (US$1.4) from (US$1.8) in June this year. To add to the burden, pig farmers are facing feed prices of over NT$10 (US$0.3) – NT$5 (US$0.15) more than what they paid in April this year.

Representatives of the opposition Taiwan solidarity Union have criticised the COA for killing the piglets stating that the move will not address the oversupply of pigs.

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