Swiss worry about their Wurst

07-03-2008 | |
Swiss worry about their Wurst

The Swiss Federal Parliament yesterday discussed a subject that deeply touches Swiss hearts -stocks of an element of Swiss culinary heritage are depleting – that of the Cervelaatworst (Cervelat sausage).

An essential part – the outside of the skin – which holds the sausage together, is no longer in stock shortly.

The Minister for Finance, Doris Leuthard, announced in a statement that he hopes that the shortage is transitory and that a Plan B needs to be drawn-up.

He called on producers to look for alternatives to ensure the survival of the product. Producers source the skin from Brazil, which originates from pig and cattle intestines. However, cases of BSE since 2006, have slowed down the export of Brazilian meat products.

Parliamentarian, Rolf Büttiker, stated that the current supply will only last until the end of the year. The scenario that the Swiss most fear is that supply dries up during the European Football Championships to be held in the country in June.

Büttiker believes that the problem has been underestimated by the government.

A crisis committee of vets, sausage makers and officials has been set-up to analyse the situation and take the necessary action.

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