Swiss fattening pig prices to all-time low

20-10-2006 | |

Never before prices for fattening pigs were as low as now. Consumers however do not profit as retail shops has not reduced prices.

Growers received about €2.14 for 1 kilogramme slaughterweight, which is €0.09 less than October 2005, the German organisation for pig producers (ISN) reported.
Supply and demand
Supply exceeds demand, explained Beat Wandeler, vice-director of the Swiss pig producer’s organisation Suisseporcs.
Despite the fact that demand has increased by 7% in the last couple of years, supply grew by 15% in the same period.
Especially in 2003 and 2004, pork production grew rapidly, since many dairy farmers moved into pigs. Only by reducing the fattening herds, prices can be increased again, Wandeler said. However, that would take some time.
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