Swiss Canton denies EU slaughter transports

25-10-2007 | |
Swiss Canton denies EU slaughter transports

EU slaughter transports are to remain forbidden in Switzerland according to the governing council of the Swiss canton Berne. The council has urged fellow cantons to follow.

Background to the ban is the danger that pig diseases will be brought into Switzerland as the EU transports are considered as fulfilling Swiss requirements for animal welfare.

By road
According to current law, transport of cows, sheep, goats and pigs by road are banned in Switzerland. The authorities are under pressure from the EU to lift the ban for live animals.

Swiss requirements for animal protection are extremely high. Animals can only be transported if no harm to them can be guaranteed. The minimum amount of space for the animals is prescribed in detail. The maximum length of transport time is 6 hours. EU law allows for a longer transport time.

A submission to the Swiss Federation council will be made to avoid a lifting of the ban.

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