Swine flu present on Argentinean pig farm

29-06-2009 | |

Swine flu has been detected in numerous pigs at a farm near the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.

The discovery comes as Argentina is experiencing a human swine flu outbreak during the South American winter.

Jorge Amaya, chief of the National Agricultural Health and Quality Service, told Mitre radio that about a quarter of pigs on the affected farm were found to be infected.

“The mortality rate is less than 2%, which is typical of a normal flu for swine,” Amaya said.

Nevertheless, he said, “Veterinarians are very worried because humans are infecting the animals.” Amaya added that eating pork poses no danger to people.

Pork Producers’ Association president Juan Uccelli said the farm would be closed down to investigate the source of the H1N1 virus.