Swine breeder Hypor: New MD and investments

26-09-2011 | |

Hypor, global supplier of swine genetics firm, has named its new managing director and also invests in new technologies, products and equipment.

Hypor has announced the appointment of Raf Beeren as managing director Hypor and member of the Hendrix Genetics Management Committee.
Mr. Beeren succeeds Antoon van den Berg, CEO of Hendrix Genetics. Mr. Beeren has more than twelve years experience with Hypor, most recently as deputy managing director.
His management team and corporate staff are located in the Hypor headquarters in Boxmeer, the Netherlands and will lead the worldwide Hypor organization, divided in three regions: Europe, Americas and Asia.
Investment in new technologies
Genomic Selection has been implemented into the Hypor breeding program. This exciting technology will further improve Hypor’s selection accuracy of the best litter mates at an early stage in life. Through DNA sampling the genetic value of litter mates can be individually indentified for the first time. This breakthrough offers huge potential to increase genetic progress for traits which are more difficult or expensive to measure, expressed only in one sex or those that have a low heritability.
New products
Hypor Maxter, the world’s fastest growing Piétrain, landed last January in North America and was introduced into the compnay’s nucleus units via embryo transfer. The Hypor Magnus came to Europe to deliver the full Duroc advantage. Both are highly successful and gaining market share fast and will soon be available globally to prove their value to pork producers all over the world.
New equipment
Recently the firm installed an additional 116 feed conversion testing stations in its nucleus units. With feed costs rising, the conversion of feed into weight gain in modern pig production has never been more important.