Swedish Meat angers farmers

21-12-2006 | |

Swedish Meat has decided to cut the prices it pays to its pig farmers. This follows a recent agreement to sell the company HK Ruokatalo.

Swedish Meats to cut its producer price by Skr0.60 (€0.07) to Skr12.10 (€1.34) per kg. Lars Hultström, chairman of the Swedish Pig Producers’ Association Svensk Gris, says this is “incredibly provocative”.

Apparently, a group representing 80% of the farmers has called for a partial boycott of Swedish Meats “Farmers are so frustrated they’re prepared to damage their own business,” said Hultström.
Pig farmer, Per Karlsson, protested by setting up a ‘spot’ market for slaughtered pigs. He is now calling on farmers to send pigs to slaughter only on alternate weeks, slashing supplies to the meat cooperative. He has accused the Finnish firm of trying to maximise at the expense of farmer suppliers.
Karlsson is supported by dozens of farmers from central and southern Sweden, representing about 80% of the country’s pig production.
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