Swaziland’s ban on pork imports lifted

23-10-2006 | |

Swaziland has partially lifted its ban on pig and pork imports from South Africa.

However, the ban lift does not apply to live pigs, said Dr Robert Thwala, the ministry of agriculture’s co-operatives director of veterinary and livestock services.
The reason for the import relaxation is linked to the creation of a South African disease freedom assurance system based on compartmentalisation, which is acceptable to Swaziland.


The director said the South African authorities had produced a list of establishments that had been declared Classical Swine Fever (CSF) free compartments and had also clarified issues in the context of a CSF disease free protocol.
To ease trade to Swaziland, from those establishments pork products can be imported, Thwala said.
South Africa has been fighting CSF outbreaks for the last two years. Last week, the country claimed the outbreak in the Eastern Cape could be called ‘under control’.
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