Survey reveals Pork’s image has improved

11-07-2008 | |

As the UK continues to battle higher feed prices and losses, Quality Meat Scotland has conducted a survey revealing that Pork is gaining popularity with Scottish consumers as its historically ‘boring and uninspiring’ image is replaced by a more positive reputation.

Pork’s versatility and health benefits were the main thoughts of consumer surveyed. Laurent Vernet, QMS head of marketing, said: “These new figures are a substantial success story for the industry, and represent a massive turn around in recent years.

Health benefits
“Research has shown a 15 percent rise in health as the main reason for choosing a meal, and if even some of these customers are aware of the health benefits of eating fresh pork it could be a great support to the hard pressed pig industry.”

The UK pig industry has benefited from the relative weakness of sterling against the Euro. This is especially true for the cull sow trade, which is predominately export-based. In the last week of June the value of UK cull sows, at 105p per kg, was an astonishing 60 per cent higher than at the same time year earlier.

The sector, however, is smaller than it has been at any point in living memory. In 1998 production was 1.14 million tonnes, but this year it is likely to be little over 700,000 tonnes.

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