Supplement for weaners and growers – improves immunity

16-02-2011 | |

Schauma Omni-Acid is the logical further development of the tried and tested Schauma Omni-S. In the new product two very effective acids complement the combination of high-quality salmon oil and functional lignocellulose, creating a high performance feed supplement for weaners and growers.

The fish oil with its high content of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids strengthens the immune system. The standardised combination of soluble and insoluble lignocellulose dietary fibres specifically supports intestinal health. The result is increased speed of feed transit through the large intestine, reducing the rise of pathogenic bacteria.
Fermentation processes move more into the rear intestine region (prebiotic effect) thus improving faeces consistency.
Supplementation with Schauma Omni-Acid optimally protects the health of young pigs with its high-performance acid package of benzoic acid and butyrate. Both acids are very aromatic and so encourage feed intake. The benzoic acid lowers pH in the gastrointestinal tract thus reducing growth of bacteria and yeasts while at the same time regulating coliforms – even at the rear of the small intestine.


The combination of high-quality raw materials in Schauma Omni-Acid is particularly suitable for young growing pigs, improving general immunity and promoting stable intestinal health, improved feed intake and uniform development.
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