Supermarkets will not sell meat from pigs fed byproducts

05-06-2007 | |

It has been reported that two supermarket chains will not sell meat from animals fed on animal byproducts. This follows proposals put before the EU to relax the ban on the practice.

ASDA and Sainsbury’s were reported as distancing themselves from an EU research programme, stating that the supermarkets would not sell meat from animals that had been fed meat and bone meal.
“I don’t think consumers are ready for it at all after everything that happened with BSE,” said an ASDA spokeswoman.
A Sainsbury’s spokeswoman said: “When sourcing food it is essential that we listen to what our customers want and ensure that we can guarantee that the food we sell is fresh, tasty, healthy and safe. Sainsbury’s will not be stocking food produced from animals that have been fed meat and bone meal.”
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