Successful prevention of loss of piglets

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SanAmmat F from Sano is a high quality piglet milk for technical piglet feeders and supplementary bowl feeding / Even growth and high weaning weights are guaranteed.

It is not rare to lose more than 10% of piglets and this is bad for the operating results. According to Dr. Simone Hartmann, the Sano specialist for porcine nutrition: “The main reason for the losses is the increasing litter size. Weak piglets are more frequent in large litters and their stronger siblings usually only allow them the less good teats. Moreover, the limited quantity of sow milk must be distributed among more piglets. This often results in disadvantaged and weak piglets and uneven growth. Nevertheless, if there is not enough milk from the mother, we can help. SanAmmat F from Sano is a valuable alternative to sow’s milk and fulfils the high requirements for successful sow milk – both physiological and technically.”
SanAmmat F has a similar composition to sow milk, thus guaranteeing good digestibility. The natural milk aroma has a positive effect on milk uptake. This not only reduces stress on the mother, but means that all piglets get enough milk – either with supplementary bowl feeding or with technical piglet feeders. This clearly reduces piglet losses and leads to higher weaning weights.
It’s also important to feed the sow properly
Nowadays profitable piglet production requires increasingly large litters with similar piglets, as well as high daily growth. According to Hartmann: “This is why it is becoming increasingly important to provide optimal care to disadvantaged piglets. For example, if using SanAmmat F means that we reduce losses from 15% to 10%, 1.5 piglet per sow per year more can be weaned.
The decisive success factors for pig farmers are high weights at birth and high milk production by the sow. Aside from genetics and the number of piglets in the womb, the birth weights of the piglets are enormously influenced by the feeding of the pregnant sow. The decisive factors in milk performance are the condition of the sow, water supply, MMA prophylaxis and the occupation of all teats by the piglets. Here too feeding is of essential importance. According to Hartmann: “We have to bear in mind that one performance phase is directly influenced by the preceding phase. If we make mistakes during the gestation period, this is carried over into the lactation phase, right up to the next birth. We can only be successful if we have a solid overall concept.”
The advantages of SanAmmat F in a nutshell:
  •  Simple handling
  • Source of nutrients similar to sow milk
  • Reduces stress on mother sow
  • Improved care for disadvantaged piglets
  • Even growth
  • High weaning weights
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