Study: Supplement supports better sow reproduction

26-05-2010 | |

A recent review of 12 studies conducted by global animal health and nutrition company Alltech show that sow reproduction results improved when MOS is included in the diet during gestation and lactation.

MOS is a complex carbohydrates derived from the cell wall of a selected strain of the yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, marketed as Bio-Mos.

The review recorded the following responses:

• An extra 0.32 piglets weaned per litter = 0.77 piglets/sow/year.

• An improvement in piglet weaning weight of 0.30 kg.

• An increase in the concentration of Immunoglobulin in colostrum.

• An increase in colostrum production during the first 24 hours post partum.

• Improved piglet growth rate in the first 24 hours of life.

• A ‘carry-over’ effect with higher performance of piglets post weaning.

• Reduced wean-oestrus period = fewer empty days = more litters born.

• A©cost-effective response with an ROI of 7.4:1.

Modes of action
These responses may be associated with several of the proposed modes of action:

• Better microbial status of the gastro-intestinal tract.

• Better prevention of immuno-suppression associated with infection.

• Better immune and health status of the sows and her piglets.

• Better maintenance of gut integrity and function = better gut environment.

• Reduced acute-phase protein production = more nutrients available for production purposes.

• Better utilisation and accretion of nutrients.

• Improved birth weight = better piglet growth = better subsequent performance.

• Enhanced immunoglobulin intake in early life = better protection.

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