Stirling Products to trial R-salbutamol in Canadian pigs

15-04-2009 | |

Stirling Products’ North American subsidiary has signed an agreement with Canada’s national research council for a trial of its lead candidate R-salbutamol in pigs.

The trial will begin next month in 40 pigs at a commercial production facility in Canada. It will be compared with ractopamine, another beta agonist used to promote lean meat production in pigs. R-salbutamol is a beta agonist derived from the R isomer of salbutamol, a known metabolic modifier which diverts energy from fat production into increased muscle mass.

Stirling, which in February appointed a new board and managing director, is also in a joint venture with Zodiac Capital, a boutique investment group. Zocap has rights to a range of phyto-pharmaceutical products developed in the Ukraine.

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