Special feed for Dutch ‘high health’ pigs

23-10-2007 | |

A network of Dutch pig farmers, veterinarians and animal nutritionists are aiming to formulate a special feed for high health (SPF) pigs before the end of the year.

The farmers in the network all work with high health animals and the feed will also be tested at some of the network member’s farms.

Different feed strategy
SPF pigs have a higher health status than ‘normal (non SPF)’ pigs. They demand a different composition of the feed and a different feed strategy. In addition, the amino acid and energy demand is probably different than non SPF pigs.

The commercial feeds that are currently used often result in a too low meat percentage. Also the feed conversion can be better.

However, knowledge about the how to change the diet to improve performance in high health pigs is limited. The farmers hope that the new feed will make the pigs more profitable.

After a literature review, the network will soon start with a brainstorm session with some independent parties. Furthermore, they will discuss with feed companies how they can better adjust the feed to the specific demands of high health pigs.

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