Specht Pig Equipment

08-03-2010 | |
Specht Pig Equipment

In order to help you to realise your projects the company SPECHT Ten Elsen GmbH & Co. KG gladly will provide you with its wide spectrum of different materials and systems for your pig management.

Floor Systems
– plastic slats
– slatted floor (concrete)
Housing Systems
– partition systems for piglet rearing, pig fattening and for the farrowing area
– farrowing pens
– crate stands, (sow) stall, (sow) crate, with attendance doors or rather self-trapping fences
Feeding systems
– dosing device
– multiphase feeding
– automatic feeder (dry or wet)
Feed conveyor systems
– auger
– chain feeding system
– feed hopper
Ventilation systems
– climate computers, fan controllers
– fans
– exhaust systems
– ventilating chimneys