Spain introduces world’s most expensive ham

21-08-2007 | |

A Spanish manufacturer is preparing the launch of arguably the world’s most expensive ham, press agency AP reports.

The salt-cured ham is expected to cost about $2,100 per leg, or a cruel $160 per pound.

The name of the pork will be “2006 Alba Quercus Reserve” but it won’t be available until late 2008. It is not possible to buy only a little bit: one has to buy the whole ham or nothing at all.

The mastermind behind the ham is Manuel Maldonado, 44, who is in a family tradition of ham producers.

The animals used for the hams have had a state-of-the-art life, with a free-range lifestyle and top-quality diet of acorns. The hams are cured for two years – twice as long as his competitors, justifying the price.

Maldonado had hoped to roll out his ham this year, but felt the first batch fell short of his very high standards. He now hopes to do better and have it ready around Christmas 2008.

Be quick, however, as the number of legs are limited: Maldonado will produce just 80 to 100 legs. The food site already has a dozen for sale at $2,100 each.

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