SPACE: Can we deglobalise pig production?

08-09-2011 | |
Philippe Caldier Journalist

Most European countries are facing a serious economic crisis leading some to people think (or dream) about new ways to survive, such as deglobalisation or an exit from the euro zone.

But we should explain to those people that 54% of the French pig imports came from Spain in 2010 while Italy, UK, Russia, China and even Philippines were destinations of 2010 French pig exports.

Some European countries have more specialised their pig production, resulting in huge differences of productivity in the pig units, for instance between Denmark (15.1 hours/sow/year) and France (21.3 hours/sow/year).

Organic pig production can be an option with a progress in France of 35% in 2010 (+64% in five years). But the total French pig production under quality signs represents today not more than 3.5% of the total French pig production.

What about the others? They have no other choice than going on improving their productivity, as the French pig producers did in 2010 (28.2 weaned piglets/ productive sow/ year = +3 piglets since 2000).

This September, we are all in Rennes to attend Space, the second global livestock exhibition behind EuroTier. A big chance to meet people from all over the world and to exchange about new technologies and new paths to keep on the business in spite of an increasing international competition.

Dear Pig Progress readers, which paths will be yours?