Sows perform well with oils and plant extracts

01-02-2010 | |

German animal concentrate manufacturer Micro-Plus has released new data showing that sow performance is improved significantly with its product Digesterom 1310, a blend of essential oils and other extracts from herbs and spices.

The product, a species-specific blend of essential oils and other extracts from herbs and spices, is aimed to keep feed intake high, as the development of suckling piglet and the sow’s condition are related to that.

With today’s sows being prolific and produce greater numbers of developing foetuses, increased concentration of nutrients in the blood stream is required.

The product not only positively influences sow feed intake but also the digestibility of nutrients, in particular, crude protein (Nitrayova and others, 2008). In addition, there is a stabilising effect on the gastrointestinal flora and stimulation of the body’s own immune system.

Better feed intake
New scientific research and field trials have demonstrated that sows benefit of an average 0.5 kg extra feed intake per day in lactation; daily milk production increased, up to an extra 1.5 litres/day; less weight loss; fewer teat problems; in the order of 0.5 more piglets weaned; and, overall, higher weaning weights.

The litters were more homogenous with higher litter weights and 30 to 50% fewer stillborn piglets.

The recommended use of this digestive enhancer in sow feed is no later than the 80th day of gestation to enable the above benefits to be achieved in an economically efficient way.

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