Sow paste: extra 1.75 piglets per year

01-03-2007 | |

Feeding a new productivity enhancer to sows that are about to give birth is said to be resulting in an additional 1.75 piglets per year.

The new energy and micronutrient paste, called ParturAid, was introduced last Agromek by British animal health and nutrition company SCA NuTec.

The product, to be administered orally, is meant to improve sow and piglet health and overall productivity.

Reduction of stillborn piglets

Trials conducted by parent company Provimi have shown that the product reduces the number of stillborn piglets and pre-weaning deaths by an average of 0.79 per litter, equivalent to an extra 1.75 piglets per year.

This represents a return on investment of over 7:1, or a cost per sow of around €2.23.

The paste is meant to boost energy and co-nutrient levels to reduce fatigue, stress and dystocia – leading to faster farrowing, reduced levels of stillbirth and neonatal mortality.

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