Sow drinking valve available in kit form

22-06-2009 | |

Aqualevel drinking valves, which automatically maintain water levels in the troughs of suckling sows, are now available in kit form for farmers who wish to do the fitting themselves. The kit includes the plastic vacuum-operated diaphragm valve and a 1m length of stainless steel water-pipe.

A wide variety of additional fittings, such as adaptors and saddle-clips, are available depending on the layout of the farrowing house. Fitting of the valve is quick and easy, and can be incorporated into existing troughs

“Lactating sows need up to 40 litres of water a day to meet peak demand from their piglets but sows may not take in anywhere near this quantity through many conventional drinkers, if water is not constantly in the trough,” points out Graham Baker of Quality Equipment, which is marketing the kit.

The Aqualevel valve ensures a constant level of water in the trough even where water flow-rates are slow, enabling the sow to drink at will. Farmers using it have reported better milk production, fewer problems with sows drying up, more even piglets and higher weaning weights.

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