Southern Brazil Swineculture Symposium

30-06-2008 | |

Specialists, researchers, businessmen, veterinarians, zootechnicians and producers from all over Brazil and abroad will gather in Chapecó, Brazil from August 13 to 15, 2008 for the first Southern Brazil Swineculture Symposium.

New technologies
The event, organized by the N&uacutecleo Oeste de Médicos Veterinários, is an opportunity to promote DEBATES, present new technologies and directly outline the perspectives in the sector in the largest pork industry producing and exporting region. 

Brazil is currently one of the main protein exporters in the world, and is the leader in chicken and beef exports, among its advantages are technology, territorial extension, supply of grains and skilled labour.

Professionals from Brazil’s main exporting businesses will participate in the event and in discussing international demands and sanitation advantages of Brazilian herds. Brazil now has the capacity to be the largest exporter of pork, as with other meats produced with an excellent standard and a guaranteed market.

Lectures and debates
“The first technical event on swine culture, held in Chapecó, will be the setting of lectures and debates on sanitation, management, well-being, nutrition, markets for Brazilian pork and agricultural commodities.

“Brazilian and foreign specialists will be gathered at an event that provides something long called for in the sector, promoting these debates in such a way that they are technical and applicable in the field, quickly transforming theory into practice”, pointed out veterinary doctor Miguel Breda Canal, Chairman of the organization.

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